A website built for recruitment. Attract candidates, engage clients and manage everything in one place

Candidate management

Manage candidate applications, easy-to-use marketing tool to help you engage, attract and convert candidates.

Job postings

Post jobs on your website, and on your selected job posting sites, view in-depth data on where candidates are coming from

Client management

View revenue per client, engage with existing clients and attract new business

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Magic WebDesigns
A all-in-one system for your recruitment business
Magic Recruitment removes the need for multiple systems to manage clients, candidates, jobs and applications, now you can manage it all in one system.
Create new clients, view client details such as revenue per client, manage candidates including a time sheet system. Post your jobs to your Magic Recruitment website, and third-party sites like Indeed and maange the application process.
Magic WebDesigns
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Magic Recruitment is brand new, and is still in development. Register your interest today to share ideas with us, try the software through its development process and get discount on the general release.
Magic WebDesigns
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Frequently Asked Questions
The pricing for Magic Recruitment has not yet been released. However, the pricing modle won't be based on how many clients, jobs or candidates you have. Instead you'll just pay for the number of seats you need on the software.
What is a seat? A seat is a user account, each employee that will use the software will require their own seat.
We don't want to make any promises, but we're trying hard to get an alpha (testing version) released by the end of 2020. You must register your interest to be eligible to try out the alpha release.
Nothing! You're helping us build the best software on the market so you don't need to pay us. Once Magic Recruitment has been fully released you will need to pay but you will be eligible for 75% off your first year if you registered your interest.
Yep! Security is at the heart of everything we do.
We won't limit any of your usage - only the number of seats you can have (but you can buy as many as you want). But we are unable to control job postings on third-party websites. If you have reached your limit with a job posting board such as Indeed that is something we can't control.
Simply register your interest by cliking on 'Register interest' at the top of this page and we will invite you to the feedback platform where you can ask as many questions as you want to the development team.